Terms Of Service

Payments made to the MineSpot Server is final and you will receive the virtual items contained in the specified package. No refunds will be made as all transactions are final. For any reason that you stop playing on the MineSpot server, including being banned, you will not be refunded. If the server is at any point not under operation, then we are not obliged to offer refunds and virtual items will no longer be accessible. Any item purchased through our web store are virtual, and have no physical value whatsoever.

Private Policy

We do not take any personal information whatsoever when a purchase is made to MineSpot. If personal information is ever asked for, you are not using the correct MineSpot services.

MineSpot Services

MineSpot is in no way affiliated with Mojang, AB or any company endorsed by them. Any purchases on this store goes directly to the Management team. You are required to have a premium fully paid Minecraft account before having access to our server.